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Medical Cannabis FAQs

How to apply for Medical Cannabis

Speak with your Health Care Provider to see if you should use cannabis to treat your symptoms. Your health care provider may issue you a medical document, or a referral. 
Visit one of our partner clinics
Once you receive your medical document you can do one of the following options:
Have your medical provider fax your medical document to 905-682-2110
After submitting your Medical Document, you can fill out the registration form here:
Click here to register
Once you complete your registration form, you will receive an email letting you know when you've been approved by the admin. 

Once approved, you will be able to purchase cannabis directly from our website, and have it delivered to your door.

How to apply for Medical Cannabis Plants

Apply for a Medical Document from your Health Care Provider
Mail the completed registration form and your prescribed medical document to Health Canada at the following address:
Health Canada
Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Program
Address Locator: 0302B
Ottawa, ON K1A 0K9
Health Canada will send you a registration certificate. (Note: It may take 6-12 weeks to receive this certificate)
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