California Dreaming

EZ Haze Feature

Hitting the British Columbia market for the first time is 'Ez Haze'aka Girl Scout Platinum with a beautiful profile of 21.51% THC and 2.43% Terpenes this hybrid is sure to pack a punch of flavor and entourage effects. With top terpenes being Limonene (.38%) Linalool (.21%) and a-Cedrene (.20%), Limonene boasts a ripe beautiful fruit taste, Linalool focuses on the serotonin receptors, and the alpha-cedrene rounds out the smoke with a true to taste woody aroma. 



Last week our team harvested our first round of plants from our larger summer harvests. Starting with our Sweet Venom, aka Green Poison, the plants had a healthy life with lots of natural sunlight and heat in zone 3 of the Greenhouse. On harvest day, the smell was ripe of sour lemons, diesel, and a hint of violet flowers. The buds were hearty and sugar-coated with a great trichome structure.  After a 2-day harvest, the plants have been hanging in our drying room!  This week we will begin harvests for California Dreaming, followed by our first batch of Pink Kush. 


As harvest season approaches for most outdoor home growers, here is a guide for a safe and fun harvest party for you and your buds! 

Step 1)
Are you planning to wet trim or hang dry? This will determine how much time is needed, and of course how you will perform the harvest. 

Step 2)
Set the vibe. A workstation, a safe consumption area, and food of course!  Ensure all of your guests have a responsible plan for the day regarding transportation. 

Step 3)
Tools. Disposable gloves for the sticky nuggs, trimming scissors (+ hot water to clean them), and trimming bins to catch that kief!

Step 4)
After the harvest party is complete and everyone's buds are curing, make sure to swap buds once the products are ready so everyone gets a taste 😉

Are you a retailer looking for a fun and educational way to expand your Budtenders knowledge on cultivation at Dykstra Greenhouses? 
Bring your Team down to our St. Catharine's facility for a hands-on experience of our grow setup, have the chance to meet our growers and engage in unique Cannabis conversations with the DG Team! Your Team will leave feeling motivated and excited about the cannabis industry, and Dykstra Greenhouses.

Employee Feature

This Week's Feature on our employees continues with the "security theme".

How would you define your job, Fence?

Well, it is probably "safe" to say that my job is all about the negative. I am not pretty, I keep you out, if anything rubs me the wrong way, I call security, immediately. Don't get me wrong, I'm not scared of anyone, I just cover a lot of ground and am constantly on the watch for problems so when I sense them, I call in the team.  

Your job is a pretty intimidating one, the fence covers the entire area surrounding the facility?

I surround the facility, I am the first line of da' fence. Everyone stares at me thinking, wow, that fence looks pretty intimidating. Truthfully, I'm pretty sensitive, you touch me and it sets my alarm bells off. When you really start to get to know me you will see how complicated, finely woven and deep certain parts of me are. Try shaking me or climbing up and my vibration sensors go all tingly and I alert our Head of Security, immediately. 

What are you made of?

All steel and all stainless. I am anchored in concrete to start with. My tie-back system is state of the art and I am joined together like no other employee here. A couple of tricks up my sleeve too. Have you ever tried sticking your tongue on me in the winter? Try it, I won't let go, it's my protective nature. Scratch my back and trust me, I will scratch yours.

Strain of the Week; Holy Grail Kush

"Holy Grail Kush was entered into the Hybrid category at the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup and came out on top. It is said to have nabbed the competition’s first-ever perfect score. " via Leafly

Celebrating 3 Years of Legalization

7th Heaven (Godfather OG)

7th Heaven has run its first course in Zone 3 after leaving the Misfit line earlier this summer. We decided to do a trial run of 2 plants through a full cycle and were pleased with the result of the potency, and the overall growth of the plant. 7th Heaven is Godfather OG, an Indica-dominant strain crossing XXX OG and Alpha OG. Godfather OG is known for its sedative effects and strong flavor profile of spice and gas and is said to have notes of white grapes.

Our trail run for 7th Heaven offered big beautiful dense buds, and the full-sized plants that we have just harvest were no different! Coated in a sticky resin with complex trichomes our grow team is looking forward to the curing process ahead of testing. 
7th Heaven was named after our Greenhouse, located on 7th Street Louth in St.Catharines, it really is heaven here! 

As we reflect on the great achievement of recreational cannabis legalization in Canada, it is impossible to ignore the ongoing conversation regarding criminal convictions around cannabis pre-legalization.

As principal figures who are lucky enough to be involved in the legal cannabis industry, we reflect on those who are still paying the price for crimes due to cannabis, 3 years after legalization. In 2019, the federal government announced that "those with a criminal record for simple cannabis possession could apply for a free record suspension" alongside a new program, in the first year 436 applications were received. This article displayed the life and day-to-day struggles of an Ontario man convicted of pot possession nearly 20 years ago whose application has not been accepted. With this conviction, he is unable to travel to the US, and it has had an impact on his employment over the last 2 decades. 

"Yet, we still have 10,000 Canadians who are allegedly eligible and more than 450,000 Canadians who have records for cannabis beyond that." - Jodie Emery, a cannabis rights activist. 

A fellow Canadian LP, Flowr has partnered up with Pardons Canada; "we're calling on the Canadian government to expunge Canadians carrying criminal records for non-violent cannabis convictions that are now legal under current laws. We're asking influencers, licensed producers, and all Canadians to help us reach 20,000 signatures so we can create change."


ONTARIO: Lemon Pepper Spice new batch has arrived at the OCS today!
All products have been produced in our craft style; hand-trimmed, hang dried, and non-irradiated. Our packaging has slightly changed, now including terpenes on the back and the front of the packages. Our new dried flower and pre-rolls will be available to retailers by this Wednesday. 

Please feel free to contact for any product information or PK sessions. 

Are you a retailer looking for a fun and educational way to expand your Budtenders knowledge on cultivation at Dykstra Greenhouses? 
Bring your Team down to our St. Catharine's facility for a hands-on experience of our grow setup, have the chance to meet our growers and engage in unique Cannabis conversations with the DG Team! Your Team will leave feeling motivated and excited about the cannabis industry, and Dykstra Greenhouses. 

Remembrance Day

Canada House
 Helping serve Veterans with medical Cannabis in a
comfortable environment.

Let us all take the time on this Remembrance Day to reflect on our family, friends, and heroes who have served and protected our country. Our industry is playing a critical role in assisting the well being of our veterans. Each year, 20--30% of veterans suffer from PTSD and medicinal cannabis is one their treatment options. 

We wanted to specifically recognize Canada House, a medical cannabis clinic founded by retired Seargent's Fabian Henry and Michael Southwell.  Currently, there are
14 locations open across the country.  Canada House was founded to create a safe and inviting space for veterans to seek support and solutions for their mental health.  They receive this support from medical professionals and advice from other veterans. Named after a building on the Canadian military base in Afghanistan, Canada House was known as a safe haven and gathering space while in combat.  Southwell has created a cannabis clinic setting with a warm environment, including a quiet lounge area, an area to relax watching TV or a movie, and a fireplace area for reading or relaxing.  Southwell has spoken often about his experience regarding his mental health after serving his country and returning home. Because cannabis was illegal at that time, prescription medication and liquor were his mental health solutions.  However , they only hindered his mental health issues. To date, Canada House has secured $2.6 million in claims for Canadian veterans. and continues to provide a place for vets and first responders to be assisted and helped to renew their lives.