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Get to Know DG

Ontario Grown
Rooted in Niagara

Who We are

We are a family owned and operated Licensed Producer located St. Catharines, Ontario, and received our federal license to cultivate, process, and sell cannabis on November 8, 2019. Our (25 person) company has been in business for 33 years. We started as two greenhouse operations, and then took the step into the cannabis industry. After establishing and confirming our federal sales license, we entered into the provincial and territorial markets and are currently supplying a number of provinces and two territories. We are currently growing in 40,000 square feet of grow space and have about 2,600 square feet of processing and packaging space as well. Our growing process is listed below to provide a brief overview of what we do to produce our flower.

How We Grow

Growing Medium - We use quick plugs in our cloning process and from there we plant all of our cuttings in BM5 growing medium ( Berger Soils Inc.). It is a medium that is made up of peat moss, wood fiber, and perlite.
Flushing - We flush with clear water the last 2-2.5 weeks of flowering and let the plant use up all of its nutrients. During our growing process, we flush and let our plants dry out as much as possible before adding water back to the soil to hydrate them. This process continues until harvest. The purpose is to ensure the plant is as strong as possible during the growth cycle.
Curing - All products are hand-trimmed and hand dried. Our harvests are placed in our dark secure room after drying and stored in bulk plastic bags. We manually air the bags and move the flower around in order to burp the contents so to speak. This is done one to two times per week as required. We package our product only when we receive a purchase order and it is therefore shipped immediately after packaging.
Trimming - We hand trim at harvest, further trim when the drying process is complete, and then hand trim right before packaging.
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